Skin rejuvenation

It is a new revitalizing injection procedure that effectively regenerates and rejuvenates the skin, starts the production of collagen and elastin, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin quality, speeds wound healing, and avoids aging.
The mystery of Plazmolifting is its own blood, or its part – blood plasma. It is rich in thrombocytes and growth factors, which act as a unique building material in repairing the organism at the cellular level.
Rejuvenation processes start in a natural way. The risk of allergic reactions and side effects disappears because it is a natural process. It works on the basis of our own regenerating cells.
The therapist takes a small amount of blood into a special tube and separates the plasma from the blood. Plasma is then applied to the skin by a syringe.
The undoubted advantage of plasmolifting is that it works great both alone and in combination with other cosmetic treatments.

We use Plasmolifting

Price of the procedure – from 5 500 CZK

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